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Welcome to Don’t Quit on Me

Welcome to Don’t Quite on Me, the podcast series where we consider alternative ways to manage the inevitability of stress and pain. Through speaking with a wide range of people who share their stories, strategies and perspectives, we aim to inspire hope, confidence and belief in the fact that things can get better no matter where you are.

So who am I? My name is Nick and I have a lived experience with depression, panic, anxiety and chronic pain along with migraines. I’ve been around mental health challenges for most of my life. I’ve also produced a CD and written a book which looked at my own recovery through these conditions and thoroughly researched the strategies. That I used in order to fully understand why I got better and how sustainable my recovery would be.

I spoke to roughly 30 people in various fields such as nutrition, meditation, movement, exercise, science, an reflective journaling, and basically presented this information as an affirmation that what I had done had some substance.

So I’ve been very interested in understanding how each of us can relate to the challenges of life so that we can minimize any unnecessary suffering. That’s basically the crux of why don’t quit on me podcast exists.

With global events unfolding the way they are, I feel the need for resources that foster the ability to sit with and learn from uncertainty and pain is high.

My goal is to compile a series of podcasts with suggestions, points of resonance & strategies for dealing with these intense & challenging situations, to hopefully equip what I believe to be an ever-increasing area of need.



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