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Dr Justin Chapman – Moving With Anxiety & Depression

Dr Chapman completed his doctorate in measuring and positively influencing the physical activity patterns of adults with mental illness in 2016.  His work spans research, mental health service and community sectors. He leads a multi-centre randomised controlled trial of interventions to promote physical activity in adults with mental illness, a health service improvement initiative to improve the focus on health and wellbeing of consumers, and implementation of state-wide healthy lifestyle intervention programs for youth and adults recovering from mental illness across Queensland.

In acknowledgement of this program of work, he received the 2018 Mental Health Week Achievement Individual Award for improving the quality of life of Queenslanders with mental illness, and the 2020 Australian Rotary Health award for Mental Health Impact.

Dr Jud Brewer – How to Break Cycles of Worry and Fear


Dr. Jud Brewer is an internationally renowned addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist. His TED Talk ”A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit” has over 16 million views on YouTube. Dr. Jud is an associate professor at Brown University and executive medical director at Sharecare. His new book is called Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind.

Janet Reich Elsbach – Recipes for Caring, Connecting, and Building Community


What do you do when a neighbour or friend is going through a really tough time? How do you help celebrate someone’s success? Someone in the neighborhood has become more withdrawn and you’re not sure how to connect – what do you do?

Janet Rich Eslbach has some ideas. Janet lives in a rural Massachusetts, and teaches writing to adults with developmental disabilities and, for over ten years, was a counselor to new and growing families. Janet is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in anthropology and a focus on writing and holds a masters in education from New York University.

Janet writes about how all the numerous things going on in the average life collide with making dinner on her blog, A Raisin & a Porpoise. She is also an editor and writing teacher who loves to make space for people to get their point across. Her book, Extra Helping: Recipes for Caring, Connecting, and Building Community One Dish at a Time, was recently published by Roost.

Sebene Selassie – Belonging in an age of disconnect

Sebene Selassie is a teacher & author who guides people to remember and trust their belonging. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Washington DC, she began studying Buddhism 30 years ago as an undergraduate at McGill University where she majored in Comparative Religious Studies. She has an MA from the New School where she focused on race and cultural studies. 

For over 20 years, she worked with children, youth, and families nationally and internationally for small and large not-for-profit organizations. 

She teaches classes, workshops and retreats regularly and is one of the most popular teachers on the Ten Percent Happier app. Sebene is a three-time cancer survivor of Stage III and IV breast cancer. Her first book “You Belong: A Call for Connection” is published by HarperOne.

Lama Christopher Coriat – The Stillness inside Stress

Lama Christopher is a Lineage Holder in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. For more than 20 years he has studied and practiced intensively under the guidance of his root teacher, Lama Kunzang Tenzin, as well as many other accomplished masters, both Himalayan and Western. 

Besides being committed to the authentic and accessible transmission of this timeless wisdom tradition, he is also a joyful parent and has enjoyed a professional career of four decades as a trusted legal and financial counsel. 

Dr. Steven Hayes – Psychological Flexibility in Times of Uncertainty

Listed by the Institute for Scientific Information as the 30th “highest impact” psychologist in the world, Dr. Steven Hayes  is a Nevada Foundation Professor of Psychology in the Behavior Analysis Program at the University of Nevada. An author of 46 books and nearly 650 scientific articles, he is especially known for his work on “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” or “ACT”  which is one of the most widely used and researched new methods of psychological intervention over the last 20 years.

Dr. Hayes has received several national awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy. His popular book Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for a time was the best-selling self-help book in the United States, and his new book A Liberated Mind has been recently released to wide acclaim. His TEDx talks have been viewed by over 600,000 people, and he is ranked among the most cited psychologists in the word. 

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